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We can help you with your next project from preproduction to post-project support with complete documentation of changes to your network assets.

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Project Planning

Pre-Project Coordination

We’ll start by consulting with you on exactly what you need to accomplish with your IT project. We make sure we clearly understand the objectives and deliverables by sitting down with you and going over things.


Based on the identified goals & objectives, we will prepare a detailed proposal. This proposal will outline the labor and hardware costs, as well as any recurring monthly and 3rd party costs associated with this project.

Project Planning

We will write out a comprehensive project plan. This plan will be a step-by-step roadmap for us, and for you, regarding each phase of the project (design, setup, implement and support). No excuses and no hidden surprises.


We will execute the project as defined in our written plan. Since I.T. projects involve complexity and are often very fluid, we will continue to communicate milestones as well as any changes and deviations in the plan as they occur.

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